September 19th is gonna be a dope day! not only is it my Founder’s Day for Iota Phi Theta, but it’s also 92Q’s “End Of Summer Jam” Starring this guy here…FUTURE! Let us get you familiar if you don’t know this guy.

After being taken down for a few months, the infamous "Domino Sugar" sign is a few weeks away from returning to the Baltimore Harbor sky. 

It don’t seems like 2 years, but time is flying. Nipsey Hussle‘s life was ended too soon. How bout we reminisce by watching a few of his videos. And don’t forget…THE MARATHON CONTINUES!!!          

Nicki Minaj's father has succumbed to his injuries following a hit & run accident in New York City. More inside.

Chef G.G.M. born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland made his debut, April of 2020. I met him at my virtual event that I had during the quarantine, “How to break into the industry with Raven Paris + Friends“. I had Freeway, Dj Quicksilva and Lady London speak with the artists directly through zoom, to give […]

After quarantining in the house for 6 months, Josh Stokes decided to produce, Nu Love Fest 2.  NuLoveFest2 really brought the city together to celebrate the real Baltimore Music Culture, right on North Avenue. Dreamon Studios & Blaqstarrfilms documented the entire process: Developing the run of show, selecting the artists to perform, and showed some of the challenges of maneuvering through a pandemic. The NuLoveFest2 Documentary was produced and released it to the world November 20th to relive and experience this amazing night that featured over 50 talents and creators from Baltimore. 

Quarantine Binge: Season 4 of 'The Wire' may be my favorite. Here's what I learned.

According to the Nielson Company research, 42 million Blacks have a spending power amounting to $1.3 trillion, which gives each man, woman, and child an annual spending power of $26,200 dollars. CLICK HERE TO SHOP THE RAVEN PARIS BLACK PAGES           A dollar circulates: 6 hours in the Black community 17 […]

Authorities are monitoring a Carroll County nursing home. 66 of its residents have tested positive for the virus.

Three 6 Mafia has officially announced their reunion tour. Here's what we know.

Is your favorite artist on Michelle Obama's work-out playlist? See the full list inside.