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Today #TheAMClique got people going thanks to a viral video of a teacher “shoving” a student for calling him the “N” word. While the teacher was aggressive in how the situation was handled, this drew smoke between The AM Clique and its listeners. Kelson sided with the student. He believes the teacher was wrong on […]

Hide and go seek is a national treasured game. No matter how old you are today, everyone has played hide and go seek at least once in their lifetime. However, one young man decided to play hide and go see – overseas edition. According to On Site, “A 15-year-old boy accidentally locked himself inside a […]

Reportedly R&B singer Chris Brown owes 4 million in back taxes in State of California. According to AllHipHop, The R&B Artist has been hit with two federal tax liens for taxes owed in 2022!The first tax liens was 2,245,561.50 and the second one was the total of 1,059,967.78 according to the released documents. Then the […]

Social media has caused a lot of relationships to start and end. Most of the time relationships tend to develop insecurities because of too many likes of sexy images from their partner towards other Instagram account holders. So we decided to pose the question to the listeners and their responses were almost typical of what […]

Friend of the show, Anthony O’Neal, was recently on the Run The Play Podcast show and was asked, “What’s a red flag for him?” His response was, “I don’t know about you but for me, I don’t wanna hear you talk negative about your exes.” He goes on to say, “So none of your exes […]

This was interesting. While most may think money would be the number one answer, a lot of listeners and commenters said that would be the second thing. The most popular answer given was to “HAVE AN ACTIONABLE PLAN.” Honestly, you can’t be mad at that answer. The plan leads to the the money. Some of […]

We already know that New York is a different place, but with YellaBeezy recent reveal on social media, it will make you do more double-takes then ever before. YellaBeezy was recently in New York City when he ran across an “All Gender Restroom”. While it seem to have had him baffled that men and woman […]

Now we all don’t desire to be married. However, we all agree that the wedding ring especially for the woman is the one of the most important and expensive things when getting on one knee. However, a woman was interviewed by a tiktoker asking, “how much should a wedding ring cost?” Her answer was, “at […]

Tom Brady’s parenting has come under attack in the recent two weeks because he wants to share some affection. When did sharing some love to your child become a problem. In a recent picture posted by the football GOAT Tom Brady, he’s seen kissing his son on the back of his neck while his son […]

2017 was a wild year! Donald Trump became the 45th U.S. President. Prince Harry got engaged to Meghan Markle; and a 21-year-old woman went to a tattoo shop to get the whites of her eyes tattooed black after being inspired by a rapper who underwent the procedure.  After the surgery happened, she sued the tattoo […]

Recently, in a viral video a mother recorded her son on the phone with his father stating, “he was not coming to see him no more because the mother cared more about the money than him being there for the kids; all because he was put on child support. The son can be heard crying […]

A Kansas Olive Garden Manager was recently fired for requiring an employee to bring their dead dog into work to show proof of the “excuse” being used to call off of work. Apparently the staff frequently calls out and the manager couldn’t take it anymore.  According to Hollywood Unlocked the manager wrote back to the […]