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Midsection Of Pregnant Woman In Darkroom

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A new proposed bill would allow for some  mothers to receive child support from the time they become pregnant! This is Kentucky Senate Bill 110, that would allow certain moms who seek child support to retroactively receive it for the 9 months they were pregnant. Kentucky State Senator Whitney Westerfield said,

“I believe that life begins at conception, but even if you don’t, there’s no question that there are obligations and costs involved with having a child before that child is born.”

The Senator also listed tons of expenses his family had from his wife’s pregnancy,

“We’ve got health insurance and I’ve got a stack of bills with co-pays and premiums and so forth on my desk right now that I’ll be paying tonight electronically. So, I know that there are costs involved, and that’s before we even get to buying three car seats and three of everything else between now and when these babies show up.”

Should this be a proposed bill everywhere?