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The A.M. Clique with Kelson and Chey Parker is a local, high-energy morning show that reflects the hip-hop lifestyle and culture. The A.M. Clique with Kelson brings listeners a show that is entertaining yet informative, complete with compelling interviews with some of the hottest entertainers and high-profile community activists bringing awareness to issues affecting the African American community.

Came across this post from #BallerAlert and we had to address it. A 50-year-old husband submitted a message about his wife who went out with her college friends to brunch. If you know anything about Brunch, whew Chile it’s a time to be had. Well the wife and friends got a little drunk and a […]

Why steal the eggs when you can just have the chicken wings. A former food service director of a school district in Chicago is facing several charges after allegedly stealing the chicken wings from the district. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, “Vera Liddell worked for the Harvey School District 152 for more than 10 years […]

We already know that New York is a different place, but with YellaBeezy recent reveal on social media, it will make you do more double-takes then ever before. YellaBeezy was recently in New York City when he ran across an “All Gender Restroom”. While it seem to have had him baffled that men and woman […]

WEtv has a hit series show called Love After Lock Up. The show highlights couples that are formed while one person is incarcerated and the other person awaits the day until they’re released. Once they’re released they start to live their lives together unapologetically. In a most recent episode there was a young man who’s […]

Tom Brady’s parenting has come under attack in the recent two weeks because he wants to share some affection. When did sharing some love to your child become a problem. In a recent picture posted by the football GOAT Tom Brady, he’s seen kissing his son on the back of his neck while his son […]

2017 was a wild year! Donald Trump became the 45th U.S. President. Prince Harry got engaged to Meghan Markle; and a 21-year-old woman went to a tattoo shop to get the whites of her eyes tattooed black after being inspired by a rapper who underwent the procedure.  After the surgery happened, she sued the tattoo […]

Recently, in a viral video a mother recorded her son on the phone with his father stating, “he was not coming to see him no more because the mother cared more about the money than him being there for the kids; all because he was put on child support. The son can be heard crying […]

A Kansas Olive Garden Manager was recently fired for requiring an employee to bring their dead dog into work to show proof of the “excuse” being used to call off of work. Apparently the staff frequently calls out and the manager couldn’t take it anymore.  According to Hollywood Unlocked the manager wrote back to the […]

While the holidays are most looked at like a positive atmosphere for family and friends; some don’t share the same sentiment. Newly divorced, separated and single parents all agree that the beginning phases of separation are hard especially if you have kids. Tia Mowry and Cory Hardrict are recently separated and headed for divorce. While […]

According to Light On Sports, “Mississippi Valley State Head Coach Vincent Dancy is leaving his position to join Deion Sanders at the University of Colorado Buffalo.” Coach Prime has caught a lot of flack for leaving “unfinished business” on the table at HBCUs. Other opinions seems to believe that Prime has done more than enough […]

Recently, Pastor Jamal Bryant the Senior Pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church (member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.) sat down on the Cool Soror Podcast with host Rashan Ali (member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.) and had a conversation that has struck the entire social media. Bryant said he’s looking for “weed […]

Scrolling on the ghetto streets of Instagram we saw a post that struck a cord. The post read, “Don’t replace him! Teach him how to be that man you want. You can never find a perfect Man you can build your perfect Man.” While #TheAMClique seemed to have been on the same page #TheClique seem […]