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Unhappy Couple

Source: Unknown / Getty

WEtv has a hit series show called Love After Lock Up. The show highlights couples that are formed while one person is incarcerated and the other person awaits the day until they’re released. Once they’re released they start to live their lives together unapologetically.

In a most recent episode there was a young man who’s dating a woman that has clothed him in Gucci shirts, Cartier frames and takes him to dinner. At dinner when placing the order he ask for, “meatballs, lobster, crab legs and more.” When the bill comes he tell the young lady its “$506.” He ask, “you got that?” She regretfully opens her purse and grabs her card. While opening the purse she responds, “I guess I have to.”

This is a pure taking advantage of type of situation. But what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.