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CLIQUE CHAT: Father Put On Child Support Then Abandons Son

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Father holding baby son (2-5 Months)

Source: Kin Images / Getty

Recently, in a viral video a mother recorded her son on the phone with his father stating, “he was not coming to see him no more because the mother cared more about the money than him being there for the kids; all because he was put on child support. The son can be heard crying hysterically asking his father, “why daddy, why you won’t come to see me.” The father said, “ask your mother.”

When the AM Clique #asktheclique members most of them faulted the mother for putting the father on child support. Then some said, “the father is the issue because now it seems as though he cares more about the money than the kid. The kids are the main losers in this case, especially the son. He is at the impressionable age that they remember stuff like this for years to come.

Prayers up for the family and hopefully the healing can happen sooner than later.

Check out the video below and leave your thoughts in the comment section.