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Source: TIMOTHY A. CLARY / Getty

Tom Brady’s parenting has come under attack in the recent two weeks because he wants to share some affection. When did sharing some love to your child become a problem.

In a recent picture posted by the football GOAT Tom Brady, he’s seen kissing his son on the back of his neck while his son was in between his legs. This put social media in a frenzy. Tom’s son is 13-years-old and people are saying that he’s too old to be in between his legs and kissing on his son like that.

In the wake of fatherhood being under attack for absentee fathers, this image also didn’t bother others as much. Some of the #CliqueCrew even weighed in saying, “People just do too much” and others saying “I wish I even knew my father.”

At what age if any should the affection change between a parent and their child. Let us know below in the comments.