Kanye West is still gearing up to release his new project, which will be his first since his anti-semitic comments went viral, landing him in hot water with many of his business partners. However, according to reports, he’s facing some challenges with locking in a new music distributor. Kanye’s former music distributor, Def Jam, which […]

Kanye West has been dealing with multiple lawsuits over the past year, including cases involving Adidas, The Gap, and George Floyd’s family. Now, he’s asking a judge to dismiss the lawsuit brought against him by former teachers from his Donda Academy. Earlier this year, Cecilia Hailey and Chekarey Byers filed a lawsuit against Kanye West […]

It seems that Kanye West is about to cause more friction in the relationship with Jay Z….or maybe not! Hell, Jay might not even be bothered. In a “leaked” documentary for Ye’s ‘Donda’ album, it shows scenes of Ye previewing songs off his album, being posted up in front of his childhood home and even […]

With all the talk surrounding Kanye West and how his comments have offended the Jewish community all hell broke loose. The Jewish community which called for Kanye’s pockets. GAP, Balenciaga, Adidas and more have all dropped Kanye West from their partnerships after his “anti-semitic” comments.  However, the black community has sounded off on Twitter calling […]

Just when we thought Kanye was completely off his “rocking chair” we find out that he’s still swinging from the chandelier. Recently, Kanye had a visually recorded sit down conversation with Adidas Executives. While attempting to get his point across to the executives, he pulls out his phone and shows the executives a sexual explicit […]

While we are trying to get our fashion choices together for the fall, Kim is out here setting the drip report straight with Kanye and those BIG BOOTS he keeps wearing. In a recent promo clip on “Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s” Kim is texting Kanye and told him, “you have been wearing those boots […]

We know that Kanye has a very outlandish spirit and gregarious personality. However, in his premier of SZN 9 of his Yeezy collection. He was wearing a shirt that had “White Lives Matter” bold on the back of his shirt. Social media has been in a frenzy ever since the video was uploaded. Then to […]

Over the past couple of days, we have seen Kanye West be very vulnerable. He’s been apologizing for lashing out at his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian on social media and admitting that Sway might have had the “Answers” after all. Well just days after his ‘GMA’ interview, Kanye West is doing some more pleading. This […]

In a recent sit down interview on the Higher Learning Podcast with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay Amber Rose reveled that she is the reason for a lot of the music and collaborations that we know, love and sing. She revealed that she has A&R’d music for Wiz Khalifa, Nicki Minaj and Kanye West. The […]

It’s been a little over a year since we Cardi B has released new music, but this 4th of July weekend, she’s bringing that “Hot Shxt”. Cardi took to her live last night to give details about her upcoming track that features Lil Durk and Kanye West. She also shared that she isn’t excited about […]


Well looks like this picture isn’t aging well. Kanye West has officially been barred from performing at the Grammy’s this years due to “concerning online behavior,” according to a rep in Kanye West’s camp. The Game posted a cryptic message on his Instagram account followed by a lengthy caption to explain the post. The caption […]

It seems that Kanye West’s performance could be in jeopardy at Coachella! Due to Kanye’s recent social media attacks/rants to Kim Kardashian, her new beau Pete, comedian D.L. Hughley, Trevor Noah-just to name a few, a petition has been started to get him removed from headlining the upcoming music festival. The petition to get Ye […]