The coronavirus outbreak has been confirmed in nearly 12,000 cases world-wide. Here's some tips to staying healthy.

The flu season is in full effect with a spike in Nationwide. Maryland saw an increase in outpatient visits to Maryland emergency departments in the last week of 2019. A total of four people have died from the flu in the state, according to Maryland Health Department. The groups most at risk of the flu […]

Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. What are some homemade remedies you use when your sick? Erika Fox Try not 2 use the meds they sell 2 us. Natural is better. Haven’t had a cold at all my first winter ever. Vitamin c is key. Oranges apples lime etc. Sharbett Morton Gm ..Hot tea with lemon, honey, gin… Kevin […]

  The word is that MC is on mad IV’s as we speak.  Seems that no matter how much money she has, she couldn’t pay to get rid of the flu bug.  Here is what is being reported >> CLICK HERE<<  We know this is a great time for Nick to keep an eye on […]

I hate being sick! I take at least 8 to 10 vitamins a day and try to wash my hands as much as I can. I guess there’s no stopping the common cold. Doesn’t matter where it comes from, you’re bound to catch it sooner or later. If you have something important coming up, and […]

With news about Rihanna being put on bed rest on account of the FLU and LARYNGITIS, it’s not a surprise that we need to take care of our bodies more and more now. The flu bug is going around and we don’t have a lifestyle that Rihanna has. She’s traveling to different cities and countries, […]

Via The City of Baltimore has issued a code blue for citizens. The 20 below weather can cause serious health concerns. 14 shelters have extended their hours to aid people who need shelter. Other shelters are encouraged to do the same. Please call 311 for persons needing shelter. Read More. Why Is Buying A […]


Stuart Goodall,  one of our Facebook friends hits us with a quick and easy guide of “How To Survive Flu Season”: 1.Open the bathroom door, touch the knob: Flu! 2.Walk to the urinal, unzip, handle business: Now your penis has the Flu! 3.Walk to sink (zink for Bmore folks), press soap dispenser: Flu! 4.Turn on […]

Is It A Cold Or FLU? Fever is rare with colds in adults and older children, but can be as high as 102° F in infants and small children. Fever’s will go up 102° F, but can go up to 104° F and usually lasts three to four days when you have the flu. A […]

Tis the season to blow your nose! Fa la la la la la laaa laaa laaa!!! Yeah right!!! It’s common cold season which slowly leads to flu season and if I don’t have time to take off work over a stuffy nose, I’m sure you don’t. So how about we nip it in the bud […]

The flu is highly infectious and is a serious viral respiratory infection. Whereas with other viral respiratory infections the symptoms usually are mild and most people can continue working or going to school while ill, with the flu, the symptoms are severe and prolonged and cause individuals to miss days of work or school. The […]

It's not just the H1N1 that kills. Did you know that on average 36,000 Americans die per year from the complications of flu?<!--more-->