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With the recent spread of the deadly coronavirus, its important that we work together to stay healthy. According to CNN, the virus has been confirmed in nearly 12,000 patients worldwide and researchers fear that 75,000 cases may have yet to be confirmed in Wuhan, China.

While only 6 cases have been confirmed here in America; with continued focus on community health, we can keep the virus out of Baltimore. Here are some tips to staying healthy against the coronavirus and other seasonal sicknesses courtesy of INC.

Stay Hydrated

Look, water isn’t nasty. It doesn’t have a taste to be nasty. Consuming it is actually the key to a lot for our complicated bodies, including our immune systems. Get that gallon and stay lit!

Natural Immune System Boosts

Raw ginger is a favorite. Throw it in a shake, a juice, or some tea. It’s spicy but it’s good! Oh, and it’s good for you. As Heather Morgan of INC writes, “make sure to consult your doctor, but I personally consume large amounts of raw ginger and garlic whenever I am at risk for disease. Peppers and citrus fruits are also excellent disease fighters. Your colleagues might hate you for eating that big garlic clove, but if it keeps you from getting sick or helps you get better faster, it’s worth it! ”

Get Plenty of Sleep

I don’t want to be hypocritical so I’ll be honest; I’m terrible at this part. But, every doctor in the world will tell you (and me) that sleep is a great way to replenish our systems. That’s it. That’s the paragraph.

Wash Your Hands

Adults wash their hands. Adults help kids wash their hands. Together, we can all make sure that we are washing our hands. I know we have a tendency to move quickly through our lives but let’s never move too quick to wash our hands. Germs be chilling on our palms and they have to go.

Palms are for money, not germs! Get some hand sanitizer and don’t hesitate to whip it out on a hater.

Stay Home

I’ve got a bad habit of not taking days off, so I get it. But, if it gets bad enough then you really do need to stay home. Play on your bosses ego and tell him/her that you don’t want to get them sick.

….If you do go somewhere, disinfect. Lysol, disinfectant wipes, sanitizer, etc…. Do whatever you have to do to fight the germs. Wipe down before and after you get to work or wherever.

Call Your Doctor

Last but not least, call your doctor. They make good money for a reason. Put them to work and make an appointment if you feel it necessary. Even if they just give you over-the-counter medicine, seeking expert advice is always a plus. Especially because well, I’m just the “radio man”.

Here’s to a healthy Baltimore! Blessings.