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Remedies for the common cold

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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. What are some homemade remedies you use when your sick?

Erika Fox Try not 2 use the meds they sell 2 us. Natural is better. Haven’t had a cold at all my first winter ever. Vitamin c is key. Oranges apples lime etc.

Sharbett Morton Gm ..Hot tea with lemon, honey, gin…

Kevin Boardley Old grandad

Tanaye Brooks Grandma’s remedies.

Charles Smith Sex is excellent to sweat out a cold…if you’re suffering from insomnia, masturbation will put u 2 sleep 4sho…ijs

Keisha Henson Plenty of vitamin C and fluid and soup preferably homemade chicken noodle

whthershey209 Depends on the sickness. Hot totties and soups for colds. If it’s anything stomach related gotta ride it out with ginger ale and crackers

blacky614 Remy VSOP & Tea

amomentwithmidget Tussin, Alka Seltzer, Halls and Vodka #ItsSomethingInThisLiquor

i_am_legend83 @drejohnson1 for that cold get you some old grand daddy drink some of that than drink dome theraflu wrap up under a blanket or 2 and sweat it out gm bro

jonesounds Chinese Hot & Sour Soup… It REALLY works #FACTS 🍜

dreadmanfmp44 Wrap up in potatoes but them all over even in your socks it take the fever out

closeuprdy Before you go to sleep, Wash and dry your feet, use plastic wrap to tie sliced onion to your soles. Put socks on and you’ll be better in the AM. Wash them socks and sheets tho… Will have your room smelling like a carry out.

mickmickisback I drink at least 2-3 hot toddies a week, I haven’t called out sick in 11 yrs @drejohnson1 #early

jpslater1983 Hennessy and Some tea with onions in it

tiffanydickstnc my grandmother used to make us onion syrup….the best for colds but the worse for taste

truescorpio1103 A potato in your sock when u sleep draws out the fever

quietstorm21202 teaspoons if apple cider vinegar daily.

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