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Stuart Goodall,  one of our Facebook friends hits us with a quick and easy guide of “How To Survive Flu Season”:

1.Open the bathroom door, touch the knob: Flu!

2.Walk to the urinal, unzip, handle business: Now your penis has the Flu!

3.Walk to sink (zink for Bmore folks), press soap dispenser: Flu!

4.Turn on the Faucet: Flu!

5.Wash your hands, turn off the Faucet: Reinfected with the Flu!

6.Reach for a paper towel: Dry Flu


6.Press button on Hand Dryer: Spread Flu to both hands and knuckle!s

7.Leave bathroom, touch Flu and Fecal door knob!

Recommendation: Why fight it? Just get the flu, enjoy the days off, watch some Netflix, Scandal or Downtown Abbey.


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