Starting Tuesday in Baltimore City there is a new enforced squeegee ban in six high-traffic areas. This has come after years of complaints about the squeegee workers and how unsafe it was. The new banned zones were reportedly determined based on the emergency calls police received where there were assaults and when squeegee workers were […]

  Following reports that Gervonta Davis was arrested on domestic violence battery charge for allegedly hitting a woman, we now have the alleged 911 call. TMZ Sports released audio that is reportedly from his victim, during the recording you can hear a woman pleading for help and at one moment she event says “Please, help […]

  Sunday was a crazy day for Baltimore Ravens fans when Lamar Jackson was injured on the last play of the first half. Despite the set back the Ravens did pull out a win but many fans wondered what the update was on Lamar. Well during a press conference, Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh […]

  Following 173 deaths and more than 2,800 injured on Maryland roadways due to impaired driving last year MDOT MVA and Lyft have teamed up to help save lives! The Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration announced a  $20,000 credit to help choose an alternative to driving impaired.  Each Marylander is eligible to receive […]

  Following the Baltimore Ravens 28-27 loss Sunday to the Jacksonville Jaguars, things got a bit heated on social media between Lamar Jackson and a fan. The fan on twitter sent out a series of tweets saying that the Ravens should “Let Lamar walk and spend that money on a well-rounded team.” Well of course […]

With thanksgiving coming up The AM Clique decided to lay out their rules for Thanksgiving Day. These rules are a must and should be followed by every household especially in the African-American/Black community.  Some of the rules include but are not limited to: Don’t bring any surprise guest known and unknown Stuffing is not allowed […]

Every year Halloween is the time when kids and adults transform themselves into a character of their choice to be. Some people say they pay homage to their favorite character, rapper, actor, history maker or sports figure. However, some people can be considered to go overboard with their desire to get into character. Yesterday we […]

  General election is right around the corner & The Maryland State Board of Elections announced that All 281 ballot drop boxes have been installed and are currently available for use! If you haven’t already done so the deadline to request a mail in ballot by mail is Nov. 1st and the deadline to request […]

With the world still dealing with low staffing measures across the nation, Correctional facilities are also dealing with the staffing setbacks as well. Due to the low staffing for juvenile detention facilities punishments are being handed down to the youth with adult style sentencing so they can serve their punishment at a facility that is […]

Big news for Baltimore County educators! Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski announced that our educators and employees within the Baltimore County Public School system they will be getting a pay increase this year. Their new salary increase is apart of  a $76 million plan, where employees will get a 3 percent cost of living increase, […]

 Students at Pine Grove Middle School and Pine Grove Elementary were evacuated following a suspicious package which officers later said was a  device in a car  that was found on the middle school’s property. A person of interest is in police custody.  Officers have since also started investigating the 1600 block of Whitehead Court. Security […]

We’re just a few weeks shy of the General Election in Maryland and if you haven’t registered to vote yet, there’s still time. NOTE: General Election Day in Maryland is Nov. 9.  Here’s what you need to know to become a registered voter: Must be a US citizen At least 16 years old A Maryland […]