#TheFam Exclusive

TSA  is looking for a program specialist. APPLY HERE  The Cleaning Authority is looking for a housekeeping supervisor. APPLY HERE  Dental Designs of Maryland is looking for a front desk receptionist. APPLY HERE Wee Auto body is looking collision repair. APPLY HERE

University Medical Center is looking for a transportation aide. APPLY HERE   Stanley Steemer is looking for a cleaning technician. APPLY HERE  Clean 4 Real is looking for a power washer. APPLY HERE  Hyatt Regency is looking for a housekeeper. APPLY HERE 

Chile…People will sell anything.  They up here tryna auction off the keys to the car that JFK was assassinated in.  Now who wanna buy these?  And WHY? CLICK HERE to read more on how to get your paws on these.  If you CURR…

Why is Terrell Owens smiling so hard? Well THEY said his short 3 day marriage is finally over.  This is some hot mess.  Who even calls that a marriage after being Mrs. Owens for less than a week.  I call this Out of Pocket Ratchetness at its finest.  CLICK here to read more of what […]

Ok, so this pastor by the name of Rich Wilkerson, whom has the Kardashian’s are listed as some of his members, is in the midst of a lawsuit.  “They” saying he stole some artwork from street artists.  Hmmmmm….wonder if Yeezy gonna be shouting around service this Sunday or nah??  Click HERE to see what TMZ […]

  NO Bill Cosby isn’t getting the award today.  But one of his alleged accusers from the 1960’s is.  Ever since the news broke that Bill was a creepy uncle that liked to spike drinks with sleeping pills or what have you, everyone came out the woodworks.  So when Chloe Goins said she was asleep […]

  CNN just broke the news that the State of Alabama’s Supreme Court just released the info that Same Sex Marriages are a NO GO!!  This is a shocker, since less than a year ago we thought it was a national law that everyone could get married.  What are your thoughts on this decision?  CLICK […]


If it isn’t enough that his motivational posts on what “THEY DON’T WANT” on social media.  Khaled wanted to prove to his agents that he has what it takes to make the people come out, cuz they WANT TO.  CHECK OUT HERE the scene caused when he called on his fans to rally outside of his […]

  Now that the tweets have been heard around the world, Future is coming more clean on why he is LIVID with the famous mother of his child with his namesake.  READ HERE on what TMZ found out that sent him through the ROOF!!  He said she messed up his Christmas dinner.  Why she had […]

These babymother’s are getting out of hand.  Have you ever heard of Clayana Warthen??? Well, she has a daughter with NBA Star of the Golden State Warriors, Andre Iguodala.  We heard they had a 6 year relationship.  However, she wants her daughter that has an 151 IQ to meet his other children, and the child support […]

Did you see and hear what they had said Future said about Ciara?  The names have officially been called and the dirty Sprizzite is overflowing!!  This is a MESS… See Also: He’s Got the Juice: Why 2015 Was the Year of Future Future Thinks That Popular Russell Wilson Meme is Hilarious Future Announces “The Purple […]

  While on a jog in Hawaii, look what happened when a man had a pleasure of running into the POTUS and guess what he asked him.  Must be nice.  CLICK HERE to see what the FUSS is all about.