Common sure knows how to bag ’em! After dating beautiful, successful women like Tiffany Haddish, Erykah Badu and Angela Rye, the newest woman on his arm seems to be singer Jennifer Hudson. The two were recently spotted overseas in London to see the Tony-winning musical, “A Strange Loop.” According to reports, the two arrived in […]

Friend of the show, Anthony O’Neal, was recently on the Run The Play Podcast show and was asked, “What’s a red flag for him?” His response was, “I don’t know about you but for me, I don’t wanna hear you talk negative about your exes.” He goes on to say, “So none of your exes […]

Recently on the “Pour Minds Podcast” during a sit down they discussed the topic of losing friends and is it harder to lose a friend or a significant other? The question raised so many eyebrows that we wanted decided to direct the conversation to our audience as well. Listeners have been split in this thinking. […]

We all have done some of the craziest things for love – word to Sammie. However, some of us have taken love to another level. On #TheAMClique they asked the question, “What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for love?” Some people paid insurances and car notes. Some have dated a person while they knew the […]

R&B/Pop singer/songwriter Tori Helene from Cincinnati, OH is an artist who is ready to bring music lovers into the mind of how Cancers display their emotions and vulnerabilities within romantic relationships. Tori Helene’s forthcoming EP entitled “Moonchild”, is a nickname for the Cancer zodiac sign. “Cancers are known to be sensitive and emotional people. I take my listeners through […]

How far would you go to make an ex-lover jealous? One woman went above and beyond typical levels of petty to burn her former boyfriend. Time heals all wounds, they say, but she clearly wasn’t over the relationship, which ended in 2019. || RELATED: Usher, Girlfriend Jenn Goicoechea Welcome Baby Girl || || RELATED: Congrats! […]

Vaccinations aren’t the only thing that’s surging in the world. According to the JASMINE Brand via reports from the IRI, “Male condom sales in the United States increased 23.4% to $37 million during the four weeks ending April 18 compared with the same stretch a year ago. That’s after a 4.4% drop in all of […]

Newly launched guide that teaches women how to date with purpose and find enriching relationships  Authors Franceska Sparkle and Lady Starr have announced the release of their comprehensive guide to dating with purpose, Partners Not Projects: Red Flags Self-Help For Relationships. After mentoring single women for over a decade, Franceska and Starr are putting their wisdom in writing for the first time in this compelling self-help journal. Franceska and Starr draw upon their own experiences as single mothers who left toxic relationships to add depth and insight to their work. As coaches who help women become independent and financially stable, they have refined the concepts in, Partners Not Projects to provide a concise summary of the best practices to stay safe, stay whole, and stay on the right road to finding a healthy relationship.

Welp, here we go again. J.Lo is going through heartbreak hotel with A.Rod. The couple have been together for four years and engaged for the last two years. Recently, the word broke loose that the couple had split due to A.Rod’s infidelities with a Reality Star Madison LeCroy on Bravo’s network. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD […]


On the next episode of, “Lawd, WHY?” Bow Wow has decided that if he is gonna retire he’s going out with one more album full of names. On the latest episode of Growing Up Hip-Hop Atlanta, Megastar Bow Wow real name, Shad Moss, has decided to do final album outing former women that he has […]

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Woman says she’s not giving anyone play if you don’t buy her daughter McDonald's on the first date...


#SoIHaveAFriend: My home girl recently received a promotion on her job! Major Congrats Right? I would think so too. However, recently her now fiance (congrats to them) has been acting differently ever since he found out about her increased salary that came with the promotion. He now makes less money than she does, when at […]