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Newly launched guide that teaches women how to date with purpose and find enriching relationships 

Authors Franceska Sparkle and Lady Starr have announced the release of their comprehensive guide to dating with purpose, Partners Not Projects: Red Flags Self-Help For Relationships. After mentoring single women for over a decade, Franceska and Starr are putting their wisdom in writing for the first time in this compelling self-help journal.

Franceska and Starr draw upon their own experiences as single mothers who left toxic relationships to add depth and insight to their work. As coaches who help women become independent and financially stable, they have refined the concepts in, Partners Not Projects to provide a concise summary of the best practices to stay safe, stay whole, and stay on the right road to finding a healthy relationship.


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Raven Paris: What are some methods you use to help balance being a mom and an entrepreneur?

Francesca: In order to balance being a mom and entrepreneur requires preparation and organization. You have to prepare for your day in advance and keep track of your daily tasks and check them off one by one. A planner can be very helpful in helping with organizing and helping you to remember things. 


Raven Paris: What are some common warning signs and character flaws that signals a prospective date is a toxic influence?

Francesca: Common warning signs are person being egotistical, selfish, immature, demanding, hot-tempered, or lazy. 

Raven Paris: What are some helpful tips you can offer to a woman fighting to get out of an unhealthy relationship?

Francesca: The best advice to break away from a toxic relationship is to first love yourself. Once you begin to love yourself you will not tolerate things from a toxic person that doesn’t serve you. You will immediately begin to see the toxic things about a person when you put yourself first. 

Raven Paris: What are some ways y’all are helping single mothers right now? 

Francesca: We are currently providing gas cards and grocery store gift cards, paying daycare fees, catering meals, paying tuition, donating clothes, and partnering with other community resources to throw events for them and their kids. 

Raven Paris: What has been the best business advice you’ve received that you still use in your business now?

Francesca: To be patient, diligent, and nothing happens overnight. It took over 8 years of searching for a good business venture before we found our niche which is giving back. 

Although Partners Not Projects is intended for women, men can also benefit from many of the key concepts or see how their actions in the dating world can be perceived. This guide that Francesca and Lady Starr have created is targeted towards readers who are in established careers and looking to settle down while still keeping fun and excitement in their lives. Partners Not Projects: Red Flags Self-Help For Relationships is available for purchase on, Books-A-Million, Barnes & Noble and their official website. A portion of the proceeds from every sale will be donated to single mothers to help with tuition, daycare, food, and other essentials. Francesca Sparkle and Lady Starr can be found online at their official website or on Instagram.