This black family business, Amalu's Gardens makes the most refreshing juices I've ever tasted.  Amalu means “Something Valuable”, and Gardens represent “Growth”.  Amalu’s Garden have crafted a family brand based around health and education. They promote a holistic lifestyle by sharing information through their wellness community and was kind enough to answer a few questions of my own.

During this Coronavirus outbreak you must stay focused on you and your family. Safety is FIRST! The main thing is for you to keep your immune system strong during this time because if your immune system gets weak you can likely catch the Coronavirus. Fear is the number one cause for a weak immune system, […]

The doctors are now finding out more about Coronavirus. The reason you should stay in the house and away from others is because the virus is really that serious. Please value your health and the health of others. Your love ones can be affected if you accidentally get it from being in the company of […]


  The couple that had contact with people from Texas tested positive after their trip to Eygpt, but doctors say the contact with the people from Texas is how they got the virus. They all  traveled on the MS Asara cruise ship from Egypt but you have to think about how many other people they […]

The phrase ‘You are what you eat” is so true, because what you eat helps or hurts your health. You body only keeps in what it needs to maintain your healthy body structure. People don’t think about weight and health when they get super hungry, but the best thing you can do is NEVER let […]

The coronavirus outbreak has been confirmed in nearly 12,000 cases world-wide. Here's some tips to staying healthy.

There are some exercises that can help you with joint pain because the body can heal itself if you give it what it needs. The right food and exercise is all it takes to get your body in great working order. There are many people who wake up with pain everyday and more people who […]

We all look at sex as something people do to have kids or just as a part of relations. The things that sex does to the human body is more than you think. For some people it is a stress reliever and it can also be like a cardio workout if you spend some time […]

The reason we are here on this plant is to live out our human experience but, part of that is making a connection with others. We are here to evolve and grow, so meeting a partner is the goal. People that don’t make a connection seem to have a tough time adjusting or committing to […]

Join Our Text Club To Get The Latest Music, Entertainment, Contests And Breaking News On Your Phone. Text BALTIMORE to 24042 to join! We are all made differently and we need different things to make it through the day. The human body needs fuel to keep going and to perform at peak levels. We need to […]

Join Our Text Club To Get The Latest Music, Entertainment, Contests And Breaking News On Your Phone. Text BALTIMORE to 24042 to join! More people are looking into going Vegan so they can live a healthier life style. I have been on a Vegan diet for years, but went back to putting Fish, seafood and eggs […]

The body needs the proper nutrition to reproduce daily and keep the human body in a healthy state. If you put junk in your body everyday it will break down. Some people take better care of their car than they do their bodies, so this is for you to stay on track. You will age […]