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They have us believe that carbs are bad if you have too much. The doctors and fitness pros tell us which foods they think are low in carbs. Are they right or do we check behind them or just take their word for it, because all information should be double checked. Even My INFO!! The […]

The phrase ‘You are what you eat” is so true, because what you eat helps or hurts your health. You body only keeps in what it needs to maintain your healthy body structure. People don’t think about weight and health when they get super hungry, but the best thing you can do is NEVER let […]

The hardest thing for a person to do is workout when they have pain. Joint Pain is hurting people throughout the United States and keeping them from working out or changing their lifestyle. The best thing to do is find ways to naturally get rid of the pain by working out or pushing yourself to […]

  I have been telling people for years that Breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day.  Water is the most important thing to get first thing in the morning because your body is coming out of a fasting state. Break-Fast is what Breakfast means but they hide these words in plain sight, so […]

There are some exercises that can help you with joint pain because the body can heal itself if you give it what it needs. The right food and exercise is all it takes to get your body in great working order. There are many people who wake up with pain everyday and more people who […]

Weather is changing and we all know winter is right around the corner, so we should be thinking about our health and working out. Next year is almost here! 2020 is the year you say it’s time to get your body together, but you don’t know where to start. I will tell you that you […]

We all look at sex as something people do to have kids or just as a part of relations. The things that sex does to the human body is more than you think. For some people it is a stress reliever and it can also be like a cardio workout if you spend some time […]

If you sit around and watch television all day or if you relax on the couch it could be hurting your health. You need to get up and get moving because it could be unhealthy for you. Your body needs to move and activity is the best way to go because it helps with heart […]

We put stuff on our bodies, but don’t think about the skin! The skin is the largest organism you have because the skin is your entire body shell. Whatever you put on your skin is absorbed into your system through your skin, so you have to be careful about what you put on your body. […]

We know that most people go to the doctor to find out about Diabetes and get treated for it. There are other ways to treat Diabetes naturally but, make sure you check with your doctor. I am a natural person so I find natural foods, drinks or supplements to cure me. Several nuts have a […]

Plant-based foods are becoming more popular now that more people are looking for alternatives to meat. Plant-based foods are really good for you and some taste good when done right. You should be careful with giving your kids too much SOY!! Soy can release estrogen in young males and older males as well. Source: Black […]

A new study about processed foods show that people that eat processed foods are more likely to gain unhealthy weight. You can get the same calories from a better source of food and not gain the same weight that you would from processed foods. Researchers have said for years that ready to go foods cause […]