If getting in shape is on your list for 2019, there are some fitness trends to look out for. According to Black Doctor, gyms are listening to their customers and are trying to get them in and out the gym as fast as possible. That means some gyms are offering fitness classes that will push […]

Learning how to breathe properly during your workout is just as important and anything else. If you don’t breathe properly you could lose your strength while lifting. You can even make yourself pass out from not inhaling or exhaling the right way.  This is how your muscles and Brain get the right amount of oxygen […]

The world we live in today is really fast pace and everybody is trying to get stuff done in a short amount of time.  Losing weight is a major deal for most Ameicans so here are a few things you can do to start losing weight and stay on track. www.self.com You’ll need to really […]

The way life is right now everybody doesn’t have the time to run to the gym or get a membership. School is back for your kids and you just can’t sqeeze it in. 30 minutes a day can change your life! NO GYM NEEDED!! Start small but get started, if you don’t know where to […]

You need to get your health and fitness together. I want everybody to be healthy and focus on living their best life by staying inshape. It takes a few hours a week. You look better and you will see and feel the difference in your everyday life.  You will be happier and have more energy! Greatist.com reports: […]

The gym for me is my place to relax and unwind. I try to find a reason to enjoy my time in the gym so just see your body the way you want it to be. The time you waste in the gym you can’t get it back, so make your workout count. The day […]

I can only tell you what worked for me before I started going to the gym. My body weight was the only thing I lifted until I got my heart and body use to the workout. I didn’t want to push myself to hard because that will make you quit on your workout routine. When […]

The weather is about to break and you need to be ready. How do you want to change your body for spring? I can give you some info but you have to put it to work for you.  A 6 week plan should put you in the right space to maintain your body mass and […]

The Big Game was this past weekend and everybody had their share of drinks so it’s time to rehydrate your body an get back in the swing of things. Life is moving fast and we don’t think about taking care of ourselves until something happens or somebody tells you that you look bad. You should […]

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The weekend is when most of us go out to play! I mean party, drink, eat and overindulge in things that they know aren’t right. The body needs to have some play time but we have to know our limits. Friday is just another day to me because I do my best to stay on […]

The more you exercise the better you feel. Your body starts to change it’s structure and it builds more muscle. Your blood flow is increased to your heart, brain and other body parts. Your sex drive is increased as well. You will get more oxygen to the brain and your muscle so you can think […]