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You need to get your health and fitness together. I want everybody to be healthy and focus on living their best life by staying inshape. It takes a few hours a week. You look better and you will see and feel the difference in your everyday life.  You will be happier and have more energy! reports:

Setting and achieving fitness goals helps you set and achieve goals in every other aspect of your life. The goal-setting/goal-accomplishing cycle is a learned trait. From a very early age, winners reinforce a simple idea: If they set their mind to something and work tirelessly toward its accomplishment, the outcome will be positive. Initially, these victories are small. But eventually, the accomplishments add up to something much bigger. For example, if you want to do a pull-up, you might:

Do seated rows.


Do inverted rows.


Do lat pull-downs.


Do assisted pull-ups.



Set a goal, work hard, accomplish said goal, rinse, and repeat.

The more you reinforce hard work with a positive outcome, the more you think of yourself as a winner. If we get good at winning at exercise, we can be good at winning anything.

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City Fit is a community gym based in Mt Vernon, Baltimore. We believe in a holistic approach to fitness that builds mental and physical strength. Together we tackle barriers that hold us back. Our training programs provide support to persevere and grow with the ultimate goal of living a healthy lifestyle.

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