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Newly launched guide that teaches women how to date with purpose and find enriching relationships  Authors Franceska Sparkle and Lady Starr have announced the release of their comprehensive guide to dating with purpose, Partners Not Projects: Red Flags Self-Help For Relationships. After mentoring single women for over a decade, Franceska and Starr are putting their wisdom in writing for the first time in this compelling self-help journal. Franceska and Starr draw upon their own experiences as single mothers who left toxic relationships to add depth and insight to their work. As coaches who help women become independent and financially stable, they have refined the concepts in, Partners Not Projects to provide a concise summary of the best practices to stay safe, stay whole, and stay on the right road to finding a healthy relationship.

There have been studies that show sleeping naked is better for you. It helps with things you won’t believe so try it for yourself. Sleeping naked will make you feel happier and free. It will help your skin and can lead to better sleep. See More: Sleep Naked Follow Me On Instagram NOW @Konan92Q Follow […]

These are some things for you to start working on as the weather changes to help you maintain or lose weight. The links I put below will be for you to use or share to help you on your journey to better health and better eating habits.   See More: Healthy Teeth Read More: Mix […]

The thing that helped me start to burn my belly fat was drinking plenty of water and eating more. I know it sounds crazy when I say eating more because some people think it’s impossible, but it’s not. The trick is to keep your metabolism burning. The fat foods that help you burn fat are […]

The gym is where most people go after the New Year to lose weight. The gym isn’t the only place you can go to lose weight, but it is what most people believe. I personally do both so when I don’t go to the gym I workout outside. The best outdoor workout is in a […]

The new athletes are now trying to stay in their sport as long as possible but at what expense.. Some of the top athletes are doing PED’s and it’s about to put some top athletes in the spot light. PED’s=performance-enhancing drugs. Will the people at the top do anything if it helps the top athletes […]


This weekend I am doing a FREE fitness event with the top trainer in our area. Monte Sanders and if you are thinking that you might have heard his name you have! He trained Ray Lewis and Ed Reed from the Baltimore Ravens. Don’t let that scare you because he is doing a fitness class […]

How do you tell if he or she is “the one”? This was something I used to wonder about a lot before meeting my husband and maybe even a few times when things got a little rocky.  I’ve always thought he was “the one” but when our relationship was tested…You know after the honeymoon phase, after […]

Earlier this year – we asked you to nominate a cancer survivor who’s story inspires you and others.  Meet our winner,  Mrs. Vanessa. Her neighbor nominated her, saying: “Mrs. Vanessa is fighting the battle with Colon & Liver cancer. She had surgery August 2014 and many chemo treatments. She’s the strongest cancer survivor I know […]

She’s beautiful inside too and she takes care of her people. Shout out to Necolebitchie.com for this inside look into Rihanna’s Clara Lionel Foundation. The foundation is named after her grand parents and is currently helping many Bajan folks out and specifically is helping cancer patients. In memory of her late Gran-gran, who had a […]

Yes, I said aim to sex your spouse every single night. I know if you’ve been married for a while, this may seem outrageous. Now don’t get it twisted, I’m not saying that I have or plan to get it in every single night, 365 days a year, I’m just saying that it can’t hurt your […]

The  month of January is over and you have RESOLUTIONS that you started off the New Year with. I hope that you are sticking to your plan and if you are not I want to help. Here are a few things that can help you.   Read More: Lose Weight NOW  Read More: Talk About […]