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Queen for a Day

Source: Robert Cardoni / R Cardoni

Earlier this year – we asked you to nominate a cancer survivor who’s story inspires you and others.  Meet our winner,  Mrs. Vanessa.

Her neighbor nominated her, saying: “Mrs. Vanessa is fighting the battle with Colon & Liver cancer. She had surgery August 2014 and many chemo treatments. She’s the strongest cancer survivor I know and I know several. She’s an awesome supporter to neighbors, sick & shut-ins, family and friends. Sadly, she had to terminate her day care she had for 20 years! She & her only daughter sponsored 2 fundraisers to help with her medical bills: one @ IHOP in February & a recent Mother’s Day crab trip. Mrs. Vanessa said she was exhausted, but she organized, distributed nice raffle gifts, provided foods, while she remained vibrant, and full of smiles! Mrs. Vanessa shows no worry! Her testimony & events have inspired me and many! I’m certain I can speak for many when I say ‘No need to complain, save your energy to conquer your troubles and for times to enjoy the beauty of having life’.”

Special thanks to Ja’Ya JStar and her team for providing Mrs. Vanessa with a full makeover – including make up, hair styling, new clothes, a mani/pedi, shoes, and accessories.

Check out pictures of her day of beauty below:

Meet Mrs. Vanessa – Our Queen for a Day
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