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Couple kissing in kitchen

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Yes, I said aim to sex your spouse every single night.

I know if you’ve been married for a while, this may seem outrageous. Now don’t get it twisted, I’m not saying that I have or plan to get it in every single night, 365 days a year, I’m just saying that it can’t hurt your relationship to aim for this goal and I suggest all married women to try to do this for one month and see how it effects your home life.  

It burns calories, it’s pleasurable (when done right)

and is one of the 3 things men require to be happy. (Food, appreciation & sex)

I also think sex could cure all the unrest and war in the middle east… send in the “Skeet Soldiers”   lol…I kid, well about the name anyway.

Click Here to READ “13 Reasons to Have Sex With Your Spouse Every Night” via Huffington Post.

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