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How do you tell if he or she is “the one”?

This was something I used to wonder about a lot before meeting my husband and maybe even a few times when things got a little rocky.  I’ve always thought he was “the one” but when our relationship was tested…You know after the honeymoon phase, after having kids, when sh** gets real,  and we had a couple rough patches.

I’d sometimes  think, are we even right for each other? 

Well according to expert, Tracey Cox, He’s a keeper! 

Love, sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox says that when trying to figure out if your partner is “The One”, you should ask this ONE question…

“If I had to become someone else, would I love to be this person…?”


In other words, would you mind being this person?  You should really admire most aspects of who they are…and you wouldn’t mind having their annoying qualities or even bad habits.

This advice is also important because Tracey believes that partners, actually inadvertently change each other.  Especially when living together, we tend to pick up each other’s habits and even some personality traits…of course, with in reason.  

So if you’re dating someone that seems cool….but maybe they have some major habit or characteristic that you’d never want to pick up or despise, you may want to reconsider taking it to the next level.

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