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Source: Dre Johnson / Dre Johnson

Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Happy ‪#‎Thursday‬! What are some solutions to fighting the high number of shootings and homicides in ‪#‎Baltimore‬?


@DreJohnson1 residents need to stand up and say “Enough is Enough”. And the politicians need to stop fighting against each other.

— Dynamic511 (@dynamic511) August 6, 2015

Tavon Davis Flood these streets with foot soldiers and start setting examples of how stuff should be ran!

Rashawnkur Thompson Stop releasing convicted felons early

Keisha Henson Enforce the laws that is set like loitering fine those who just standing around. It gets people off the streets and increase the revenue. Also adding funds to put more officers on the street that do their job, and not sit there with those criminals who…See More

Tabby McKoy Gm …forget stop snitching an start snitching…this problem is everybody business… This problem is touching everybody home directly or indirectly

Jimmy Jones Just waiting on a cold winter to give people sometime to chill

Charles Smith Communities have to become more active in their community. If u see or know something, say something. The problem is that the majority of the communities where the shootings are occurring are drug induced and infested, and they’re the customers. These…See More

Nina TakingCharge Zamora Curfew

MrTerrence Teel Well a lot of us may not like it , when the city gets to a ratio of violence and murders , the Federal Government should come in and take over the city police department

MrTerrence Teel Utilize the reservist who are on duty in rotation. We have self-contained wars in our streets, communities and cities. Suit up and clean these streets up!!! People the cause goes beyond this platform.

Geraldo H Tillery Parents need their rights back and whip their child hind parts straight out the shower with a thick leather belt

Tanaye Brooks The first thing is cleaning up the Baltimore city/county police department. Get a clean slate in these offices. (Behind the scene). Next start cleaning the streets. All day and night you see people on every corner. There has to bed start somewhere.

Darlene Thgreatleodiva Brown Other then curfews look at society in general roles models that we have entice these behaviors. .these kids today have no respect and where are they getting these guns from..when the police come to crime scene none seen or heard anything so this on…See More

Darlene Thgreatleodiva Brown The government has nothing to do with irresponsible youths or adults we always want point blame on someone start at home

Aren M. Kimber Ok so we all learned causes and effects in school right, the effect of having a surge in guns being on OUR streets, the accessibility of guns to our community. How many gun stores are in Baltimore? How in a city were its hard to find a balanced breakfast or good career can you find so many of our youth with guns.

Michael Ervin Violent crime will ALWAYS be a product of poverty. We need to find a way to create more job opportunities & more AFFORDABLE lodging for people. There’s NO REASON AT ALL for rent to be as high as it is in Baltimore City. Especially with the conditions some people are living under. Also, they need to change the rule about the father NOT being able to be in the household, if the mother is receiving public aid. You can’t expect young boys to learn how to settle problems, like a man, if there’s no man present to teach him how.

1sickcharger Its starts with us individually we gotta change ourselves 1st gm bro #Early @drejohnson1

bigmarco711@drejohnson1 Keep the killers locked up & stop letting them walk with a slap on the wrist.

daveosbeatz Turn all the run down and abandoned places in the city to warehouses and open up jobs for the young youth.lack of jobs,schools,etc leaves a messed up situation..

daonly_ttech Stop playing sh*t like Lor Scoota & Young Moose on the radio.

bjsoden Everybody so angry for nothing shooting and killing over money and reputation, until people get they minds right these killings and shootings not gonna stop.

djsaloot Bring back the ball and chain and stripe prison uniforms. There’s no fear to serving time in jail.. It’s a vacation for some these kids..they’re not suffering their only visiting their homie and getting praised for their actions on the street. Harsher punishments need to be put in place for these crimes..

bjsoden Yea these rap artist are literally steering the youth and young adults in the wrong direction, giving them false hope to a lifestyle they definitely can’t afford which only starts a chain reaction to negative behavior.

thaworstkid U can’t either its people killing people over things they want ,some girl ,he said she said , and retaliation

misscherry30 Maybe if some of these murders were solved, ppl would think twice if they knew they were going to get caught.

buckjoneslegend If you got time look at a post I made yesterday in short it’s a lot of cowards right now in Baltimore

prettyteefus@drejohnson1 raise the price of bullets. If a bullet was $500, there’d be a lot more fist fights.


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