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Local Leaders Address Residents On Streets Of Baltimore In Wake Of Major Unrest

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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Happy ‪#‎Friday‬! What would you do if you were Mayor of Baltimore for a day?


Nina TakingCharge Zamora First I would open up more rec centers for the youths. Two get the homeless off the streets by fixing up all the abandoned row houses. Three help ex-offenders obtain employment.

Lewis M. Jones Jr. Get police officers to park their cars and get out and walk the beat and meet the people they serve & protect !

Tabby McKoy Get these homeless ppl health care Housing a good food

Clinton Turn A day won’t fix what’s needed in the city

Lakendra Schwendig Police Body cams, implement more after school programs, make plans to improve the schools, and open more shelters for homeless families. (It would be a busy day Lol)

Charles Smith First thing I’d do would be a neighborhood sweep…and I’m not talking about a broom…lock’em up ask questions later….stop pass all the method clinics and clean that mess up…u know they be out there….head to Lexington Market for something to eat while getting them junkies straight….u gotta interrupted shit

Shameka Bateman Sit with commissioner, the governor, my team and anyone else with a voice that would like to be heard to discuss some important plans/goals to improve our city that will be achieved within the next year.

Chereese Barrett Open more recreation centers for the kids to have something to do and to show someone cares as well to attempt to show them there is hope and other things to do besides getting into trouble because if you have nothing to do you do something stupid crea…See More

CenfullylovingGod Brooks Clean up the corruption in the city

Tee Denton Try my best to stop the violence and crimes. Open up more schools and more recs/ activity programs for our youth. Gm Dre

MrTerrence Teel I would use the entire 24 hrs to meet with all leaders, council and administrators and require an assessment and presentation of the challenges and what are the proposed timelines and solutions. I would redirect and reappoint familiar roles with someone else .

Pebbles Lewis Revamp the entire city council and create a board of city residents that can help make decisions for our city. I would open up more recreation centers and most definitely developed a strategy to curb the violence in our city.

deepflowent@drejohnson1 I would declare a city-wide clean up

djbigrel Unmmm. Fix Edmondson ave street. It’s need to be repaved. It’s rough lol

danter 410 Take it one day at a time. And start paying parents and older adults to give clues on crime in their neighborhoods @drejohnson1

bigmarco711@drejohnson1 I honestly couldn’t deal with the stress not even for 1 day.

diontaedp2 Re-establish recreation centers

babygirl7275@drejohnson1 there’s so many things that need to be done but I’ll re-open rec centers . I’d also take care of the trash & rodent problem.

410_oh I would put AC in all the schools because that’s ridiculous

gpc_life Small Business development, loan programs for minority business owners, focus on quality schools, and re-establish rec centers. My husband thinks he would invest more money into more police officers…. I’m not quite sure about that. However it would be nice to go back to a time where police officers lived in the community they policed.




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