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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Happy ‪#‎Wednesday‬! Should Baltimore Police Officers be required to live within the city limits?




Rashawnkur Thompson No they should be able to live where ever they choose too

Aaliyahs Page WHY does it matter where they live and furthermore WHO CARES??!!?!! EVERYONE should have the RIGHT to live where they want.

Tavon Davis No bc you would never be able to fill a force! It would be too many home town homies, slips, slides, and mishaps… I just think they need to learn the area before they’re put on the streets… Instead of being thrown to the wolves in the concrete jungle that we live in 🏿💯💯

Tabby McKoy Yes i think they should… They need to feel what we feel

MrTerrence Teel Absolutely

Lakendra Schwendig I don’t think a requirement but maybe an incentive ! I think its important to understand the community you serve.

Nina TakingCharge Zamora It should be a requirement. How else can you get to know the community if you’re only in it from 9-5

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden Yes. How can they effectively police these streets if they don’t know them?

Elect Nathaniel Bland It really doesn’t matter at this point as long as they can get the job done with loyalty and respect now that’s our next question

Cornell Cjaudio Johnson Just because you’re a police officer doesn’t mean you didn’t grow up in the city. I grew up in the city all my life and the second i could i left the city. Police have families and im sure they see more going on in the city then we do and probably don’t wanna raise their kids in it

Leslie Alston Good morning Dre Johnson! Yes, I do feel that Police Officers should live in city limits and it may be because as a small business owner, you have to be a product of your product. Meaning, you can’t really relate or talk about something that you are not passionate about. Police Officers would care much more if this crime was happening in their area, but they are able to go home in their expensive, low crime areas, where this crime is not happening, so it may not matter to them as it to others because they don’t have to live here.

Keisha Henson No shouldn’t matter where one lives as long as they are properly serving the citizens of the city it doesn’t matter to me Gm Dre

Anthony Arcius Jenkins Sr Good morning No sir

Robert Dorsey Yes they should so they can be in tune with the community and really care about whats going on in the street. Not just to wake up and say its my job

Tashia Smith Gm Dre Johnson! To me its not about where they live. Its about how they serve and protect the city of Baltimore.

Michael Niles If they know what’s good for the HELL NO, lol…

Dee Nlightn Stone No thats ridiculous. They just need to remember that whether they live in it or not, they are still a part of the community and not a guard at a concentration camp or some kind of mercenary.

spects No, it becomes a matter of safety. @drejohnson1

mrpresident14 Not at all… We already have vacancy in the department, that restriction would cause us to loose a big percentage of the current force to other jurisdictions. @drejohnson1

logans_papi Absolutely not, for the same reason they say you should never hustle where you live. Simple as that!!!!!!

loyal_nek It has its Pros and Con’s…I say no because we lose alot of our officers no one want to live here and I say yes because maybe there would care more because they have to live here.

tgrandman1126 Sure… What better why to SERVE and PROTECT YOUR community…

candor_clint1983 Nah but I think in order to police an area like bmore you had to at least lived/worked/fundraised something here before and not just know what the news/media tells you

kushingtonsteele Hell yeah let them live in the streets the terrorize all day and maybe then being on our side they’ll see what it’s like

projectboymel I love it too even tho the price of living going up and the chance of living going down

henrygannett I never thought about that. But it makes sense. How will they know who they’re protecting if they’re not involved in the community.

foxytbaby_ It’s a phenomenal idea!!!!! They have no connection to the area that they work so they treat as JUST A JOB!!! If they lived, shopped and interacted more with the community me members that they serve, I think they would be a little more empathetic


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