There’s a National Petition to Move Halloween to move to the last Saturday in October, so it can be celebrated on a weekend. The petition has about 1,800 signatures, with a goal of 2,500. Dre’s #breakfastbite.. There’s a National Petition to move Halloween. Should It be moved to the last Saturday in October or remain […]

Justin Tucker missed the first conversion of his career after the Baltimore Ravens scored tying with 24 seconds left, but the New Orleans Saints had victory 24-23 on Sunday. Dre’s #breakfastbite.. One thing the Ravens should have learned from Sunday’s loss against the Saints? (via IG & Twitter @drejohnson1 @92qjamsbmore) Rodney Johnson I froze the […]

Some east Baltimore residents have an issue with the Mayors comments about their neighborhood when she toured the area to work on her violence reduction initiative. In a segment that aired on Fox 45 this week, Pugh was heard commenting to another official: “What the hell? We should just take all this [expletive] down.” She […]

There is a push in White Marsh for a curfew at the mall and changes to bus schedules on weekend nights. According to Fox 45, Two Baltimore County council members are proposing the changes after a large disturbance Saturday night that led to nine arrests. “These venues aren’t babysitters,” said councilwoman Cathy Bevins about White […]

Baltimore has received a $30 million federal grant to help redevelopment three east Baltimore neighborhoods. The funding goes toward a current neighborhood transformation plan for Perkins Somerset Homes and Old. Other communities selected for the neighborhood grants are Flint, Mich.; Phoenix, Ariz.; Shreveport, La.; and Tulsa, Okla. Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What are your thoughts? (#qotd on […]

The Baltimore Orioles trade longtime all-star player Manny Machado to the LA Dodgers after 8 years with team. The rebuilding process for the O’s is here and the team will pick up 5 new players from the trade. #BreakfastBite: What are your thoughts Manny being traded? (via: IG & Twitter @drejohnson1 @92qjamsbmore) — Buck Jones […]

The Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl Celebration at the White House was abruptly canceled by Trump due to controversy over standing for the National Anthem at NFL games, according to CNN. “The Philadelphia Eagles Football Team was invited to the White House. Unfortunately, only a small number of players decided to come, and we canceled the […]

More companies are getting rid of pre-employment marijuana testing. The US job market is tightening and the legalization of marijuana in some states are prompting many companies to ease their drug testing policies. As a result, some companies are dropping marijuana from pre-screening drug tests for potential employees, according to CNBC. ALSO TRENDING: Cardi B […]

When someone you love has a mental disorder, it’s a challenge for parents, siblings, friends and relatives. The willingness to come together as a unit, accept the diagnosis. Look for help, avoid criticism, blame, judgement, denial and disapproval because it will only make the situation worst. Tips for supporting someone you love going though mental […]

Baltimore County is seeking a new trial in the lawsuit brought by the family of Korryn Gaines, the Randallstown woman killed by police in 2016. The county also is asking a judge to reduce the $38 million award to the family, one of the largest ever against Baltimore-area police. The post-trial motions were filed in […]

Maryland court officials will reconsider the decision to remove police officers names from Maryland Case Search. According to WBAL-TV, the names were removed by mistake on Friday causing a firestorm of drama. “It was an honest mistake, not for any improper motive, but a mistake that never should have occurred, and for which I humbly […]