It’s clear that the Pandemic has caused a shortage of everything. One of the most common trends we have seen is people not wanting to work. Even at the State level, a job with great benefits, finding people to work has been a hassle. Well thanks to Governor Hogan, he is changing the game with […]

In a press conference Thursday, Governor Larry Hogan announced new testing sites in Maryland as well as a call to the federal government for more assistance.

Maryland's sportsbooks will contribute 15% of their revenue to the Blueprint for Maryland's Future Fund, empowering the state's education programs.

Dr. Terri Hill, a Maryland state delegate and board-certified plastic surgeon, was slammed with a whopping $15,000 fine after she admitted to attending legislative meetings from an operating room.

Spending on Halloween candy sales is predicted to be up in 2021 by 26% bringing in an astonishing 10 billion.

A historic Black cemetery in Maryland is at the center of a development dispute, first after it was turned into an apartment complex parking lot and currently due to a property firm that may be looking to exploit the grounds even further.

There's a trend of rising COVID cases across the country and we're seeing some of the same here in Maryland. Details inside.

A temporary restraining order has been issued, preventing the state from ending its unemployment benefits. Details inside.


If you live in Maryland, take special care of your personal info and monitor online transactions: The FBI reports instances of online fraud are on the rise.

Personal-finance website WalletHub came up with tons of interesting facts while researching America's most fun states in 2021, which was comprised using 26 key metrics (movie costs, accessibility of national parks, casinos per capita, etc.) to compare the 50 states. 

HBCU’s not only are necessary for the culture but they are also necessary to sustain community education as well. Most HBCUs are state funded if they don’t have a HIGH endowment. According to The Baltimore Sun and theJASMINE Brand, “Maryland has finalized a $577 million settlement to end a 15-year federal lawsuit relating to underfunding […]