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I was introduced to a very harsh reality check by a woman I thought was a friend and whom I respected highly for who she is to my family.

The reality was that (in my opinion, I could be wrong) she probably meant what she said and probably wanted to say what she said a long time ago. I was shocked and hurt by her words, but I have to forgive her because GOD says so. I asked for her forgiveness which is her call to do so…or not! It’s no longer on my hands!

I just wish women paid more attention to what we’re doing to each other and stop trying so damn hard to tear each other down! We see it on television! We hear it in music! When will we get that it’s not meant to be a reality? This hurts my heart!

Women have to stop tearing each other down because we’re hurting! It doesn’t make it right! So, just in case you don’t know how to NOT tear someone down, I found some tips:

  1. We need to be mindful about not crossing any boundaries that might interfere in another woman’s territory
  2. We need to choose to uplift women as opposed to tear down women. We will live by the motto; “If she is a woman she is my sister – even if she does not want to be mine.” This means that we must be careful about how quickly we pass judgment about other women
  3. We need to stop finding flaws, defects, and blemishes in the successes and accomplishments of other women. There seems to always be a woman who can add a “but” when she hears that another woman is doing well in life, business or love



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