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This past weekend, I was honored the UnSung Hero award from Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, Tau Eta Zeta Chapter for my ongoing community service in Baltimore. Their program was a tea and the event was one I will never forget; and the tea was good too! (lol)

The women were dressed in their big beautiful hats and gloves and sat at their reserved tables with poise; crossing at the ankles and using proper etiquette when socializing. Not a lot of US women know this is important when in personal and professional settings.

I have a charm school and I make sure the young ladies, ages 10-17 know that it is very important that EVERYWHERE they go, they will be perfect little ladies!

For young and “seasoned”, here some important tidbits on how to be a lady:

Carry yourself with confidence, gratitude and contentment. Acceptance of self is the first step in conveying an open appreciation of life. Confidence without contentment can soon turn into angry discontent, which is unattractive. Grateful people pass their happiness onto others easily, increasing their charisma.

Dress with dignity and style. This means wearing well-made clothing that fits; to quote the Hairfinder website, “She shops for quality instead of quantity, this means cotton, silk and linen instead of polyester.” Start with a proper-fitting bra, which can improve posture and carriage. Eschew clothing that clings, bunches or shifts; those garments make a woman look uncomfortable, which draws the wrong kind of attention.

Use your best manners at all times. There’s never a good time to forget good etiquette. Show the most courteous behavior to everyone, even those who can’t help you in any way, shape or form. Observe modest behavior when wearing skirts and dresses by crossing your legs at the thigh or ankles when sitting.

Don’t let your quest for class become a rut of snobbery and materialism. Classy women never think that they’re better than others. Rather, class is the knowledge that you have high standards, but are still accepting of others living their own realities.




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