While some celebs have been applauding Lil’ Mama, Missy Elliot is not impressed. Various sources say that the Virginia born M.C. and Producer has given Lil Mama’s latest track “Sausage” a big emoji thumbs down! Hit the player below to hear Sophie dish up the details. & In B’more the cyber thugin’ Mosby haters have found […]

I was introduced to a very harsh reality check by a woman I thought was a friend and whom I respected highly for who she is to my family. The reality was that (in my opinion, I could be wrong) she probably meant what she said and probably wanted to say what she said a […]

Tonight was all about the hate that single people have for married people. Here are some of our best responses: I hate how married men pretend they are single …”please sir have several seats” Married people act like they dont have any problems. When married people judge other individuals marriages Married people love to say […]

According to AllHipHop.com, Erica Mena is claiming that new cast-mate K Michelle is afraid to shoot scenes with her! Wait…huh? K. Michelle and Erica Mena…