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I have lived in Baltimore for nine years and it never fails that when I meet someone new they say “I knew you weren’t from here!” What does that mean?

Are Baltimore women really that different from women from other cities?

  • Most women from bmore don’t have enough potential, meaning, they only want what they want, they’re blinded by all the wrong things, they only care about themselves
  • Yes.and not n a good way…they think their shi# don’t stink. ..and they think they are the ish….I been down south and the women are way nicer
  • Big time. I’m from New York City where we try to make an honest dollar by hustling handbags, cd’s, working extra jobs where I see most Baltimore women are very laid back, complacent, stuck in their ways, not that much ambition depending on the part of Baltimore they are from and have many baby daddy’s.
  • They mean as hell ! Half the time for no damn reason . Its like they are expecting someone to do something wrong so they put up the anger amd defense before anything happens
  • YES don’t want to work and most definitely don’t know how to hold a good man down they always  appreciate  the ones who treat them dirty and think the ones that want to treat them like a lady are clowns
  • I’m from bmore and you would never know it because I was raised old school.  And the rachetness I see from these females is beyond trifling. Between being loud, ghetto etc….its no wonder the men here have no respect for us.
  • Yes! And I’m from here. women here don’t compliment each other it’s all hate and animosity but when I go other places it’s the complete opposite
  • I think Baltimore women do have a reputation for being Ratchety Anns.  The truth is, there are different facets to us.  People almost never think I’m from here  but the truth is….women like me aren’t that rare.  It’s just a matter of the environment you’re in and who you align yourself with. (P.S.  Under the right circumstances, I can be a Ratchety Ann too…lmao)