The coronavirus outbreak has been confirmed in nearly 12,000 cases world-wide. Here's some tips to staying healthy.

Khloé Kardashian is totally enjoying her life these days and wants to share some tips with fans on how to make their quality of life just as awesome. The reality star recently released her grooming and maintenance guide on her app this week, entitled “8 Ways To Keep Your Lady Parts Happy,” giving fans an incite into her […]

Need a remedy for your NYE hangover? Need something to cure the #HairOfTheDog? Try these old school remedies:           Related stories: Forever Young: 7 Healthy Oooh-Girl-What’s-Your-Secret Ways To Prevent Aging SHHH: 8 ‘Unhealthy’ Foods That Are Secretly Good For You Russell Simmons Reveals His Secret To Good Life and Health [FULL […]

Today is designated for Women’s Equality Day! Women have been earning less than half their wages (77%) compared to their male counterparts. Aside from marching into your boss’s office and demanding a raise, you might want to try these tips first: Arm yourself with information. Know what a normal raise is for someone of your […]

Today, I decided to put my headphones on and listen to some gospel. I do that when I want to block out everything around me or to get focused on my show. We all have a lot going on in our lives and sometimes, it can bring some tension. Not knowing, but that tension can […]

The summer months can be brutal on many of us. There are laws that say we must use caution with our children and elderly; especially when we leave them in the car. Recently, national news hit about a father who left his infant baby in his car for several hours. He is currently awaiting trial. […]

My son is a little too big for me to be sending him off to summer camp but if you’re still holding on to that umbilical cord and preparing them for summer camp, I found some tips that might help YOU (the parent) when it’s time to send them off.    Hands Off: One of the […]

Once again, I’m going natural! I’m not trying to start a movement. I just want to free myself from heat and chemicals for a while. If you’ve chosen to go on this journey too, hopefully these tips will help us both:   Keep your hair hydrated. Use a deep conditioner regularly Stay away from heat. […]

We pass them on the overpass. We judge them and ask how they got that way. Then we feel sorry for them and vow to never make those same decisions. Whose to say they made a bad decision? They made the move to better their lives and for whatever reason, that decision took a turn […]

Congratulations! You just graduated college! Time to party, open gifts, and party some more! What’s next? Oh GOD! Time to find a job! Other than looking at my classifieds daily, there are some ways to relieve you from post graduation stress! Use the power of mobile apps There’s an app for everything these days, but […]

I can honestly say that working with women leave me absolutely exhausted by the end of the day! Women can be supportive, understanding and sometimes even cool to work with. However, most times, some females in the workplace can be stubborn, catty, back-stabbing, SHADY, and just down right a freakin nightmare to work with! How […]

This weekend, I’m walking in the Lupus Awareness walk and I’m happy to say that although I don’t know many people with Lupus, I am glad to be doing something for awareness.   First, what is Lupus: Lupus is a chronic, autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body (skin, joints, and/or organs […]