Do you want to try online dating but don’t know the right steps to take? Well, here are a few tips on how to date safely online. No one wants to meet a nut case so be cautious! Follow these tips first: Don’t lie on your profile (tall claims, pictures from 10 lbs ago, etc.) […]

  You may want to read these tips before you step out on your first date! You haven’t been too successful with it!     Wear Too Much Makeup No man wants to wake up in the morning to find your makeup all over the sheets. Think: More confidence, less makeup. You Check Your Phone […]

Sometimes as a single mother, I get so busy juggling the career, school and everything else that needs my attention. But I neglect to give my 14 year old son the attention he deserves. I’m blessed to have a good kid that respects what I do and understand that although I’m busy handling so many […]

Aren’t you tired of people saying that the most irritating thing about you is that you’re not considerate? You may not even know that you’re not considerate because you focus primarily on YOU and that’s not a bad thing! However, if you take the time to invite people into your life, you should be alittle […]

We lost a Hip Hop legend yesterday! RIP Heavy D! He was only 4 4years old! Sources say he may have died from complications resulting from phenomia. You have to pay attention to your body and follow these tips:   1.Prostate Health – The first health tip for men over 40 is to be more […]

Sometimes we forget how sexy we are and how we can use our most attractive attributes to seduce the guy we want. Women are so consumed in work, school, family, bills, etc.,that we forgot that we can be sexy and flirtatious. I found tips that may help you get your sexy back! Find your signature […]

If the fellas can do it, so can us ladies, RIGHT??? We can have a starting 5 when it comes to dating? Can you date more than one guy and NOT HAVE SEX? Well….here are some tips on how you can manage the personal and the personal!!!! 1.       Keep sex out of it! Dating around […]

Mother’s Day is just a few days away and most of us don’t look at it as a day of celebration and honor because many of us have lost our mother’s. So instead of mourning our mother’s for Mother’s Day, why not celebrate them. It’s what she’d want! Try not to avoid thinking about Mother’s […]

You’re probably feelin real good right about with the Mother’s Day gift you got for your wife, mother, grandmother or baby mama, huh? I hate to burst your bubble, but you just may have gotten her the WRONG gift! I found a list of the WRONG gift ideas!!! 1. Anything that has to do with […]

If your mother is like Frankie (Keyshia Cole’s mother) , Anita, (Toya’s mother)  or Nancy Jones (Jim Jones’ mother), I got Ghetto Gift List for Your Ghetto Ass Mother on Mother’s Day: No diss to the ghetto ass mother’s out there!   Crown Royal bag filled with here FAVORITE spices Gift certificate to Royal Carry-out […]

Tis the season to break up with someone that you really care about because, well….you just feel like you need to be single right now. It’s NEVER easy to break up with someone (trust me, I know). Some of us need alittle help doing it, so here are a few tips I found online that […]

If you’re like me, you’re probably not that good at the flirting game. I’m a pretty straight forward woman; either I say something I feel…or I don’t! But today, lots of men prefer to be flirted with more from a woman. Of course, I had to find some tips to help me step my flirt […]