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If you’re like me, you’re probably not that good at the flirting game. I’m a pretty straight forward woman; either I say something I feel…or I don’t! But today, lots of men prefer to be flirted with more from a woman. Of course, I had to find some tips to help me step my flirt game up! Check’em out!

Pay attention to response time. This goes for both the time it takes you to reply to him and the time it takes him to reply to you. The rules are generally the same for both sexes. Texting back immediately to every text can indicate that you seem a bit desperate, whereas leaving it too long seems as if you don’t really care and are a bit rude. Therefore, I generally recommend between half an hour, to one hour although mix it up a bit. Also, if you have replied and he gets back to you quickly, don’t leave it too long every time as it will seem as if you are playing games and trying to act as if you don’t care, which he will see through.

Keep it short and sweet. This will mean that he is more likely to read and reply to it. It will also save you time if he doesn’t!

Don’t always send things he has to reply to. By doing this, you will get a real idea of if he interested, as if he replies, but you haven’t asked a question, he is obviously taking time and effort to do this and is therefore more than likely attracted to you and interested in taking things further.


Use humour. You want him to relate talking and texting with you to having fun and being happy, so use humour to do this. This will mean he is more likely to remain interested than if you are really boring.

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