If your mother is like Frankie (Keyshia Cole’s mother) , Anita, (Toya’s mother)  or Nancy Jones (Jim Jones’ mother), I got Ghetto Gift List for Your Ghetto Ass Mother on Mother’s Day: No diss to the ghetto ass mother’s out there!


    • Crown Royal bag filled with here FAVORITE spices
    • Gift certificate to Royal Carry-out or Hip Hop Chicken
    • 2 bags of Yacky hair weave
    • Black eyeliner that she can use for lip liner
    • Free pass to see the strippers at Club Choices
    • Mother’s Day basket filled with hand picked dandelions (from your neighbors front yard), Ranch Sunflower Seeds and a bottle Red Hot Sauce…put that sh* on everything!
    • Month supply of flavored black & mild’s (the wine’s the best)
    • And a hand written greeting card your ex-cellmate from prison drew for her!


    Happy Mother’s Day!

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