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Sometimes we forget how sexy we are and how we can use our most attractive attributes to seduce the guy we want. Women are so consumed in work, school, family, bills, etc.,that we forgot that we can be sexy and flirtatious. I found tips that may help you get your sexy back!

Find your signature scent.

Whether it’s Victoria’s Secret Heavenly mixed something from Bath and Body Works, or Caress soap and Pantene Shampoo… figure out what soap, perfume, body lotion, and/or hair product combination smells uniquely YOU.

Be ALL woman… except for a few masculine traits.

To seduce a man, dress like a woman. Act like a woman. Walk like a woman (yeah girl, strut your stuff!).

Learn how to dance… seductive dance especially.

Have a soothing, soft, throaty tone to your voice. Not really high-pitched (girly) voice, but a suggestive, feminine one.

Then, when you’re all woman-like, play up your masculine trait(s). The art of seduction lies in someone not being able to figure you out… make him want to get to know you by showing the depth of your character.

Have your own mind and provide mental stimulation.

A man may initially be attracted to a woman because of her beauty, but he wants to have someone he can talk to… someone who “gets” him. Keep your conversation interesting. Bonus points if you develop a killer sense of humor

If you’ve got skills, cook for him.

Mm, Mmm, MMMM, nothing can keep a man away from a strong Alpha Female who can throw down in the kitchen. Don’t cook for him all the time… the novelty of it will soon wear off. Do cook for him on special occasions and/or because he’s been extra nice to you.

And when you cook that meal, put your heart in it… for some reason this makes your special dish that much more delicious.

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