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Tis the season to break up with someone that you really care about because, well….you just feel like you need to be single right now.

It’s NEVER easy to break up with someone (trust me, I know). Some of us need alittle help doing it, so here are a few tips I found online that just may help you break up with that person, without the drama….I hope!

Make sure you are honest with them but not hurtful. It’s going to be nearly impossible to not cause them any pain at all. But don’t dwell on everything they’ve done wrong to you. Tell them why it’s over in detail. Still say positive things about them too. They’re very fragile at this state of mind, it’s important to lift them up some. Don’t do it by saying you want to still be together. That leads to confusion. Try to be sensitive to what they are going through, when ending it.

Make sure you’re calm. Don’t cry, yell, or make it worse than it is. Try to maintain being strong and calm with them. Dealing with a break up, you need to come across as the strong one. Yes, they might say some mean things. Remember, they are hurting. Lashing back out will just make things worse. If you really care for them, you don’t want to end things badly like that, right? Maybe one day you can at least be friends with that person. For now, it won’t be possible for that to happen.

Make sure you show them respect. Say some nice things to them, but don’t come across as being phony. Tell them they are a great person and the decision has come from just not being able to fit with one another. Be honest, don’t lie, but if you feel telling them everything will hurt more, then just keep quiet.

Make sure you let them know it’s not all their fault. Tell them they can find someone who is great, and that you two just didn’t work. That both of you made mistakes, and that not everyone can be with each other forever. Not everything is meant to be. It’s important you try not to rip their confidence apart.

Do it person, in a quiet setting. Don’t take them out to dinner or somewhere that can cause a scene. Do it face-to-face, where it’s just you two.

Make sure you wish them well. Tell them that you want them to be happy and you don’t think you can offer them that. Be gentle, listen to what they say, and be strong. Don’t allow them to manipulate you into something that you don’t want. Let them say what they want as well, don’t just cut them off. Allow them to express themselves, then say this is over. Then part ways with them.

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