Holiday travel could be a headache thanks to storms around the country. Here's what we know.

Before Drake started throwing around Jamaican Patois haphazardly, there was Snow. The Canadian reggae artist from the 1990s, has been thrusted into present day thanks to Latin superstar Daddy Yankee. The pair collaborated on DY’s latest record “Con Calma.” Its melody is derived from Snow’s 1992 hit “Informer,” which spent seven consecutive weeks at number […]


  Virginia Schools FAIRFAX CO. SCHOOLS: Activities Canceled Beginning at 5P Saturday; No Activities Sunday FALLS CHURCH CITY SCHOOLS: Activities Canceled FAUQUIER CO. SCHOOLS: Closed Tomorrow LOUDOUN CO. SCHOOLS: Closed Today MANASSAS CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS: Closed Tomorrow; Code Blue PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS: Closed Tomorrow; Code Red; SACC will not open. Telework subject to […]

Once again it’s on! That damn Punxsutawney Phil done said …. more WINTER for us. I didn’t believe at first, but now…. I hate his guts. Make sure you watch the news to amke sure if schools are out and be careful.

By now we all should know about the the ice storm…. but they said it’s nothing to really worry about. Shouldn’t be but an inch or less. Don’t take my word for it, take a look of what WBAL is saying about tomorrow. (I know teachers are praying to God for a day out of […]

The winter weather is just another season to people that are in to working out. They don’t worry about anything but how they can get in a workout. The colder it is outside the better the workout could be for you body. It forces you to drink more water and stretch before you workout. Source: […]


This snow that is just hours away from touching down in the Maryland area is supposed to be a rough one. How AMAZING would it be if the meteorologist were wrong this time as they were the other 50 times this season? The storm system that is coming this way is expected to bring heavy […]

Everything you need to know about snow in our area...

In today’s joke, Rock-T tells a story about two snowmen standing beside each other in the snow- what did they talk about? Sign Up For Our…

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Has your street been snow plowed yet? If it has or hasn’t, name the location? Ant Moe Hell no dre Roslyn Smith No Dre Bucknell RD Eryn Brown Burtis st Seton Park Apts. Sharbett Morton Gm hell naw and its a mess around here, I bet the Mayor street is all plowed out […]

The Blizzard of 2016 came and it went, BUT, it sure did leave lots of its belonging here on the East Coast. After receiving over 25 inches of snow, it has shut down many business, schools, and more. Full a full list of closing and delays, click here.

Jonas drops 29.2 inches of snow in Baltimore over the weekend. Making it the biggest blizzard to hit the city ever, breaking a record of 26.8 inches of snow set in 2003. The snow was so deep in areas of Baltimore that some plows and even National Guard Humvees were stuck on some streets. As […]