Clean up after Winter Storm Jonas

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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Has your street been snow plowed yet? If it has or hasn’t, name the location?


Ant Moe Hell no dre

Roslyn Smith No Dre Bucknell RD

Eryn Brown Burtis st Seton Park Apts.

Sharbett Morton Gm hell naw and its a mess around here, I bet the Mayor street is all plowed out send her over here so she can earned her pay.

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Sharbett Morton My location The Waverly area

Yolanda Hamilton Yes…. Alameda and cedar croft

Sheila Lovingherlife Smith No, Brighton in Walbrook Junction

Lisa Harrison Nope

Teara Booker It would be easier to name the streets that have been shoveled! The city, county, and state have done a piss poor job!  I live near the WaWa on Rolling Road. The streets around here are treacherous!

ohhthatsloh_ My street yes but the pushed it in front of all the cars and busted a few tail lights in the processes

yedon36 Nope..

zumba_lover @drejohnson1 Atholgate Ln, Nottingham rd in Edmondson village area 21229 no plow been through at all

yedon36 Walbrook Ave

whthershey209 The plowed my parking lot 630 last night. Snow is built up in front of my truck. I’m still stuck. I need a shovel!

tonybaltimore17 NW Baltimore – Nadine and Labyrinth

ms585ny I’ll let you know in 10 minutes. I’ve been snowed out my house since Friday.

kuppykake1965 Nope…..these East Baltimore streets and pavements are a!!

girls2737 Gm Shamrock nope😢

tastylips35 Force rd n midline rd …. Greencrest not done its a lot of old ppl on those blocks

og_mac73 Yes Sir. So glad that the Glen Burnie area jumped on it fast.

tazeem_bihh Hell no McCabe ave is terrible

djkay8 Mardel ave is busted they did all the other streets out here but Mardel

stoneyscorpio No ..DDH is terrible!

ritaimmashineasalways Hasn’t Anglesea st is a F***** mess

rhea_redd Nope, Edgewood

Tiffey Tiff Not at all…. Elmley Ave!

certifiedswaggin No so I had to so my whole block by hand an it took 12 hours. It was sad but I was a blessing to the other elderly homeowners on the block an I just wanted to make sure if it was an emergency they would be able to get help.

anesha Butler Not yet…I’m in PG County

Nicole Chase Reisterstown Square apts

C H Aun Cey The mayor a petty **** … all of the plow trucks riding around doing absolutely NOTHING smh


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