Social media definitely has its pros and cons, but its proving to be detrimental to the mental health of teens. A new poll conducted by the University of Michigan is the latest to release concerning research about the connection between social media and youth mental health. The study suggests that teen anxiety and depression have […]

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Imagine you the parent has worked so hard to provide the life for your kid or children to have, especially if it wasn’t something you had coming up; only for your kid you be ungrateful. A 16-year-old daughter was gifted $1600 and a brand new Tesla for her Sweet 16th birthday. Her mother blind-folded her […]

Tom Brady’s parenting has come under attack in the recent two weeks because he wants to share some affection. When did sharing some love to your child become a problem. In a recent picture posted by the football GOAT Tom Brady, he’s seen kissing his son on the back of his neck while his son […]

Growing up in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s you were told to respect your elders. You never talked back. You never disrespected elders. You absolutely never used profanity. Eight juvenile age kids were asked by an older woman while on the metro to stop using profanity. Instead of the kids adhering to the request they […]

It seems that this divorce from Kanye West is beginning to make Kanye a little bitter. One of Ye’s most vocal parts about his divorce is having access to his kids. According to Ye, that is why he purchased a home across the street from Kim. Well in the next turn of events in the […]

When you look up the word procreation in the dictionary you should see a picture of Nick Cannon alongside the worded version of the definition. Nick Cannon is no stranger to being willing provider for his kids. However the former rapper, business mogul, comedian and father of seven has had four of his last seven […]

Well, seems as though Nick Cannon has no intent on slowing down in his reproductive efforts. On June 23, 2021 he announced via his Instagram account that his seventh child was born into the world. #AlyssaScott birthed #ZenCannon making this Nick’s fourth baby mother. According to the mothers of Nick’s older children, Nick is a […]

To beat or not to beat your child? That is the question. But this latest situation poses another level of questioning, if you do beat your child, why post it on social media? And when does it become abuse? A father is going viral after footage shows him beating what appears to be his preteen […]

It looks like all is NOT well between Omarion and the mother of his 2 children, Apryl Jones.

Usually when you hear these stories about teens that have plans to shoot up schools, we never think that it could happen close to home. Well, Frederick County may not be in Baltimore City, but it is close enough. According to ABC, 18 year old Nichole Cevario, had plans in her diary of how she […]

Up-and-coming Atlanta rapper Dae Dae has had a pretty amazing year. His break-out hit, “Wat U Mean (Aye Aye Aye)” started its take over back in April, not just via radio, but through a hilarious video of an Uber driver dancing to the song. The video went viral quickly, and the infectious song gained popularity. […]

Shanynthia Gardner, 29, has been charged with first degree murder for the deaths of her three daughters and one son, all who were under the age of 5.