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(RM)Mother's Day gifts. Hand made kite. Hyoung Chang, The Denver Post

Source: Hyoung Chang / Getty

Imagine you the parent has worked so hard to provide the life for your kid or children to have, especially if it wasn’t something you had coming up; only for your kid you be ungrateful. A 16-year-old daughter was gifted $1600 and a brand new Tesla for her Sweet 16th birthday. Her mother blind-folded her to surprise her with the car and money only to be met with attitude, disrespect and ungratefulness. The daughter responded saying, “I don’t want this, I didn’t ask for this. I asked for a pink Mercedes Benz.” She proceeds to open the envelop and ask while opening, “how much is in here.” She opens and says, “this all I get for my golden year and 16th birthday.”

The Clique sounded off this morning. Most of the clique members were super mad at how ungrateful the child seemed to be. Some stated, “They will be without a car until they buy it themselves.” Others agreed with the child saying the, “electric car was too much to maintain.” What would be your reaction to this.

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