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Usually when you hear these stories about teens that have plans to shoot up schools, we never think that it could happen close to home. Well, Frederick County may not be in Baltimore City, but it is close enough.

According to ABC, 18 year old Nichole Cevario, had plans in her diary of how she was going to shoot up her school, Catoctin High School in Thurmont, Maryland. Officials notified the school about the immediate threat and the child was immediately removed from the school.

Officials searched through the students home and found “a shotgun with ammunition and “bomb-making materials to include pipes with end caps, shrapnel, fireworks, magnesium tape, and fuse material.”

If it wasn’t for the father of the child searching through his daughter’s diary, alot of lives could have been lost.

For ‘Tell Kels’ today, i posed the question ‘Would you turn your child into the authorities?’ See some of the answers from social media below.

@AlmostBrice: those parents would have to move to Antarctica if she carried out what she planned on doing and they knew

@FckUndYaTweets: As Much as I don’t like The police I would have to report her so she can get some help

@PaulaChase: I think this father realized that his daughter had issues he wasn’t aware of. Maybe she’ll get help b/c of it. #TellKells

@daniheartscurlsYep, calling it in. Because obviously she’s a threat to herself and everyone else around. And who’s to say she wasn’t going to kill my ass

@fatboy_slim84: I would have to call it in cause even if I didn’t and took all that shit and got rid of it obviously she’s resourceful enough to get it again and also that would weigh heavy on my conscience if I didn’t #HardLove

@williamdemetrius: Absolutely!!!!!! Then b/c She’s 18, She’d Be Outta My House JUST IN CASE, She Thinks About Trying to Get Even with Me!

@tracyeikon Check her in to a hospital for mental help

@officialsmith: I would have

@rokstarr2: And she had the materials…damn psych ward tho not the boyz

@lady13pg911: ASAP, WTH

@beedarling: In this case yes, it’s not just your kid’s life you have to worry about and the fact that she had everything she needed to build the explosives…enough said. Let the police do their job and make sure there weren’t any others involved and get your child the help they need

@devibrown: I would have turned her in either to the pych hospital or cops and shared the diary entry (not the goods purchased)

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