The body is your presentation to the people you meet and you want them to know who you are so show them the best of you. You skin and your body speaks for you when you say nothing or before you say something. Learn how to get in shape and lean by exercise an eating […]

Most people have jobs that in America the have them sitting all day long. That is not a healthy thing for the human body because it’s not a natural position for the body to be in. You can hurt your heart and hurt all of your hard work from exercising. Sitting all day everyday can […]

The meals you eat before and during your workout makes the difference. You can have more energy and push yourself or you can have less energy and not finish. The meals and supplements you take really help so find out what works for you. Pre-Workout Snacks The body builds muscle and recovers 24 hours […]

There is Good and Bad Bacteria that you have in your body but you don’t really know because your cells are always keeping them in check.  When kids get sick it is actually good because it teaches their body how to fight germs and bacteria. Bacteria is in your gut and you can read more […]

The best thing you can do is love yourself and start working out for you. Life is a gift but we take it for granted daily. You have to show your body love and respect so it can show you how amazing you are. If you have never worked out or been to a gym […]

I will like to put you in the position to handle the work load you put on yourself. Working out is a great thing but you have to have a plan. You have to be focused and you need to push pass you comfort level to reach your goal.Understand your body type and what you […]

All machines aren’t helping you with your workout but they are made to be used. To improve your body and your workout you have to make sure you know about the equipment you are using. Some fitness trainers won’t let you use machine that give you to much range of motion. Source: Sign Up […]

The Mind is a powerful thing! It can help you get out of any situation but it can make you over think situations too. I know because I have been there just like you have. We are only human so there are things that we have to go through in order to understand life. Life […]

The more water you drink the better you will feel, so make sure you look at the infomation that comes with this below. You should push yourself to drink more water even if you don’t like how water taste. The benefits are proven to rebalance the body and hydrate all cells in the body. Water […]

Today I have a few different workouts that will eliminate fat fast. You need to know your body but you also need to be ready to workout. Most people want to lose weight but don’t have time to start! These full body workouts will change your life and transform your body right before your eyes. […]

The body needs more than my workouts and exercise to remain healthy. Today I need you to understand that workouts and healthy eating go hand an hand.  Your body needs fuel to get your daily routines done but more importantly your body needs the nutrients to build a healthy body. Eat right and live longer! […]

You need to build and balance your workouts so you build strength and muscle evenly. Some people go to the gym and just do arm curls or bench press. You have to work the small muscle & large muscle groups for balance. You will feel and see the difference so just commit to your workout […]