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I bet you didn’t know that orange juice goes through multiple steps before it gets to us. It can even sit in the tank for almost a year to be doctored up before it gets to the public for consumption. Orange juice has also been that breakfast juice that most people drink in the morning. Find out which juice is the best for your body!  www.healthline.com

The least healthy options are orange-flavored drinks that contain only a small percentage of real juice, along with several additives like high-fructose corn syrup and yellow food coloring.

A healthier choice is 100% orange juice — whether it’s made from frozen orange juice concentrate or never frozen. These two options are similar in nutritional value and taste (1213).

Stores also sell orange juice with added calcium, vitamin D and other nutrients. However, due to its high calorie count, you shouldn’t drink it just for these added nutrients. Instead, taking a supplement pill is a calorie-free way to fill in any dietary gaps (14).

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