The phrase ‘You are what you eat” is so true, because what you eat helps or hurts your health. You body only keeps in what it needs to maintain your healthy body structure. People don’t think about weight and health when they get super hungry, but the best thing you can do is NEVER let […]

There are some exercises that can help you with joint pain because the body can heal itself if you give it what it needs. The right food and exercise is all it takes to get your body in great working order. There are many people who wake up with pain everyday and more people who […]

If you sit around and watch television all day or if you relax on the couch it could be hurting your health. You need to get up and get moving because it could be unhealthy for you. Your body needs to move and activity is the best way to go because it helps with heart […]

One of the things most of the people who workout want is to lose weight. The other people who workout want to gain muscle and look great naked! When I say that I mean it because we all want to find something wrong that we can fix, but we don’t want to hit the gym […]

in the near future you will need to have these skills or try to learn them. Food is a part of your life and them fuel your body needs to survive. The foods here are some of the easiest foods to regrow. There are a number of fruits and vegetables that you can replant […]

The reason those who workout regularly hit plateaus is because they do the same things over and over. What I mean by that is… most people don’t know that they need to switch up their workout routines! You have to change up your reps and exercises because the body will adjust to all workouts and […]

If getting in shape is on your list for 2019, there are some fitness trends to look out for. According to Black Doctor, gyms are listening to their customers and are trying to get them in and out the gym as fast as possible. That means some gyms are offering fitness classes that will push […]

Join Our Text Club To Get The Latest Breaking News On Your Phone. Text WOLB to 71007 to join! Stay fit next year by shaking up your workout routine. The Maryland Zoo has announced dates for yoga and CrossFit at the zoo. Yoga at the Zoo is offered year-round at Penguin Coast, home to more than […]

The Brain is where all your body functions start so you have to feed your Brain just like you do anything else. The Brain is a muscle just like everything else and you have to keep it active with reading along with being creative. Though small in stature, edible plant seeds are densely packed […]

The Carb craze is not all it’s cracked up to be because there are good and bad Carbs. They can boost your gains an your body!! You have to understand how Carbs help fuel your body because once you figure that out you can have a better workout and better eating habits. You need more […]

I bet you didn’t know that orange juice goes through multiple steps before it gets to us. It can even sit in the tank for almost a year to be doctored up before it gets to the public for consumption. Orange juice has also been that breakfast juice that most people drink in the morning. […]

The body needs all kinds of supplements and vitamins on a daily. Magnesium is vital to the body because of the role it plays in the skeletal system. It is also in the muscles, tissue and body fluids. The best thing to do is make sure you understand how supplements and vitamins are used in the […]