Rapper Cardi B says she’s ready for a fresh new start in 2024, and it looks like that “start” won’t include her husband Offset. Cardi recently hopped on Instagram Live to tell her fans the news saying, “… I just don’t know how to tell the world. But I feel like today has been a […]

It looks like Nicki Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty, is back in some legal trouble. After threatening rapper and Cardi B’s husband, Offset, on Instagram Live, a judge ordered that Kenneth be placed on house arrest for 120 days. According to court documents, the judge found Kenneth in violation of his probation and raised concerns about […]

Fans will have to wait a little longer for Cardi B’s sophomore album, as the rapper announced in a new interview that the project will drop in 2024. While visiting Ebro in the Morning, the hosts didn’t let up on questioning Cardi B about the release date, in which she replied, “You know what? I […]

Cardi B is not taking her foot off of blogger Tasha K’s neck when it comes to paying on the $4 million judgment the rapper has against her. According to new court documents, Cardi B sent five subpoenas to Tasha K’s banking companies, demanding that they turn over account information after Tasha K filed for […]

It looks like Cardi B may be facing potential legal troubles after she threw her mic at a concert attendee in response to a fan throwing a drink the rapper’s face. According to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, a woman filed a police report for battery, claiming she was hit by an object thrown […]

One thing about Big Bardi, she does not play when it comes to her legal affairs, and when you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. Kevin Brophy, a man who attempted to sue Cardi B for his back tattoo being photoshopped into one of her album covers, has agreed to reimburse her $350,000 for […]

It’s been a little over a year since we Cardi B has released new music, but this 4th of July weekend, she’s bringing that “Hot Shxt”. Cardi took to her live last night to give details about her upcoming track that features Lil Durk and Kanye West. She also shared that she isn’t excited about […]

We MUST send a BIG congratulations to Cardi B, Offset and Kulture for that Nickelodeon check. It has been announced that the trio will star in Nickelodeon’s new series, Baby Shark’s Big Show. via Complex “Cardi will voice the role of Sharki B, who is described as the “biggest star in the seven seas—flashy, awe-inspiring, […]

Cardi B is not feeling Vladimir Putin’s movements at all. She shared her thoughts on the Ukraine Crisis on social media all the while expressing her concern for speaking out. As per Billboard Magazine the Bronx bombshell continues to be vocal about politics. During the wee hours of Tuesday, February 22 she took to Twitter to […]

While the internet remains undefeated some folks need to learn respect and common courtesy. Cardi B has locked her daughter’s Instagram page after finding some very offensive responses in the comments section. As per Complex the Bronx bombshell isn’t feeling the type of attention that Kulture’s Instagram has been receiving as of late. On Monday, February […]

Last week bloggers got a reminder that you can’t talk reckless about celebrities without receipts. Tasha K has finally spoken up after being found guilty of defaming and slandering Cardi B.  As spotted on Page Six the media personality lost what seems to be a hallmark trial that held her accountable for her words. Back in […]

Cardi B will be getting even more ‘MONEY’. Her lawsuit that she filed against Blogger, Tasha K (@unwinewithtashaK) for claiming that Cardi was a prostitute, had several STIs and more defamatory things, has finally come to end. After the jury deliberated yesterday, it was ruled that she was found guilty of “invasion of privacy”, “defamation” […]