This black family business, Amalu's Gardens makes the most refreshing juices I've ever tasted.  Amalu means “Something Valuable”, and Gardens represent “Growth”.  Amalu’s Garden have crafted a family brand based around health and education. They promote a holistic lifestyle by sharing information through their wellness community and was kind enough to answer a few questions of my own.

The coronavirus outbreak has been confirmed in nearly 12,000 cases world-wide. Here's some tips to staying healthy.

When I decided that I was going to live a more healthy lifestyle and cut out the toxins in my diet by eating fast food (EVERDAY) and staying away from exercise, I never realized how much my life would change both inside and out. Eating fast food, your body is tired (all the time), your […]

I’ve heard drinking gallons of water can help you lose weight, but peppers??? Yeah! You know how you sweat when you’re eating buffalo wings? Well, there may be a reason why you’re shirt is drenched! True or false: eating spicy foods will help you lose weight. False. Sort of. Spicy foods will not significantly increase […]

Fre Flo Do. Developed by Los Angeles-based Kappel LeRoy Clarke, has become the hard hitting regimen of most major athletes, including Reggie Bush. Football's frenetic nature—the chaos that often calls for players to make split-second game- or career-changing decisions— is difficult to replicate in the gym. Take a look at Reggie's grueling training regimen.