Experts say the encouraging news is hinged on booster doses administered in the state. Details inside.

“We are providing this planning time to all teachers now to minimize disruption should an individual school have to temporarily shift to virtual instruction,” officials shared in a memo.

In a press conference Thursday, Governor Larry Hogan announced new testing sites in Maryland as well as a call to the federal government for more assistance.

The Mayor has returned to his desk but maintains that thanks to the vaccine, he was able to work in quarantine.

Some experts are calling the approval, "optimistic." It's the first COVID-19 vaccine to be approved by the FDA. More inside.

Nothing official has been announced, but state officials confirm "conversations are taking place". See more inside.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has announced new guidelines for fully vaccinated people and it looks like the face mask is apart of the past!

On Thursday, I was able to get vaccinated and I couldn't help but be thankful to the men and women who helped to make it happen.

Well I guess Covid-19 is gone in Texas & Mississippi.. Or at least the Governors seem to think so because they both have lifted the mask mandate and are reopening businesses at full capacity! These new lifts came  just one day after the CDC warned against people getting comfortable with the decrease in COVID-19 positive […]

Due to improving Coronavirus numbers, Mayor Brandon Scott has announced that the city will begin easing COVID-19 restrictions Monday (Feb. 22). More inside.

According to CBS News, a Wisconsin pharmacist was fired and arrested after allegedly tampering with COVID-19 vaccine doses, which arrived at his pharmacy.